ASTM F963 Toy Standard [Regulatory Summary], [FAQ], [Applicability Chart], [Toy Testing Manual]

Certificates of Compliance Requirements (16 CFR § 1110): [CFR], [FR], [CPC Example], [CPC FAQ], [GCC Example], [GCC FAQ]

“Children’s Product” Definition (16 CFR § 1200): [CFR], [FR], [Regulatory Summary], [FAQ], [GC Advisory Op]

Civil Penalty Factors (16 CFR § 1119): [CFR], [FR]

Component Part Testing Requirements (16 CFR § 1109): [CFR], [FR]

Determinations Regarding ASTM F963 Heavy Element Limits for Unfinished and Untreated Wood (16 CFR § 1251): [FR]

Determinations Regarding Lead Content Limits on Certain Materials or Products (16 CFR § 1500): [CFR], [FR]

Lead-Containing Paint Ban (16 CFR § 1303): [CFR], [FR], [Regulatory Summary], [FAQ]

Lead Content for Children’s Products: [Regulatory Summary], [FAQ]

Phthalates Limits: [Guidance], [Statement of Policy], [“Children’s Toy” & “Child Care Article” Guidance], [CHAP]

Phthalates Inaccessibility Guidance for Children’s Toys & Child Care Articles (16 CFR § 1199): [CFR], [FR]

Public Database (16 CFR § 1102): [CFR], [FR], [Business FAQ], [Report FAQ], [General FAQ]

Requirements Pertaining to Third Party Conformity Assessment Bodies (16 CFR § 1112): [CFR], [FR], [Regulatory Summary], [FAQ]

Third Party Testing and Certification for Children's Products (16 CFR § 1107): [CFR], [FR], [Testing & Certification FAQ], [Initial Testing FAQ], [Material Change Testing FAQ], [Periodic Testing FAQ]

Testing and Certification for General Use or Non-Children’s Products: [FAQ]

Tracking Label Requirements for Children’s Products: [Statement of Policy], [Regulatory Summary], [FAQ]